Best TracFone Promo Codes 2014: Enjoy Your Free Shipping & Free Minutes

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On February 7, 2014
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Tracfone is a great wireless phone service at an affordable price.

tracfone promo codes - free minutesOne of the best way to save your mobile phones bill is to use prepaid service. With TracFone promo codes here, you are not only saving more money using Tracfone service, but also get your phones and minutes at most affordable price.

Click Here To Get TracFone With Free Shipping, 60 Additional Minutes And Tripple Minutes For Life

These promo codes are provided by Tracfone company. Why they are so generous? Well, I think because of fierce competition on the market and they want to reward people who regularly use their service.

Other codes for phones purchase, these codes are usually free shipping or limited offer for such a phone. In this holiday (valentine 2014), it has updated with some of the best deals.

Click Here To Get Samsung T404G At Only $14.99 (limited valentine 2014 offer)
or Samsung Galaxy Centura at $30 off.

The codes will add extra 60 to 450 minutes to your service. It’s like you pay for 1 candy and get another one for free. With such an effort in offering value to mobile customers, Tracfone is marked as the #1 Prepaid Cell Phone for America.

TracFone Promo Code: The Ultimate Collection

Let’s begin with our Tracfone Promo Code collection, where you can find the best deals and coupons for Tracfone.

Tracfone Promo Code Free Shipping & $5 OFF

Click the coupon below to copy and use it when you finished checking out. When it asks for Promo codes, click yes and paste this coupon below. This includes free shipping and 20% discount on all orders, but I have taken the $19.99 phone and get $5 off. You can try this too.

Click To Open/Copy

Tracfone Promo Code For Additional Minutes Card

Here is the full list of working coupon codes on December 2013. You can choose your most suitable package depending on the size of your cards.

43243 for 20 additional minutes for 60 Minutes card or more.. (Checked in December 2013).

74316 for 60 additional minutes for 120 Minutes card or more.

68474 for 30 additional minutes for 120 Minutes card or more.

74316 for 60 additional minutes for 200 minutes card or more.

74316 for 60 additional minutes for 450 minute card or more.

These promo codes are still working, you can check them individually to test if they can save your money.

How To Activate TracFone Promo Code?

To get TracFone Promo code activation, here is your step by step guide:

tracfone add airtime1. Go to Tracfone Official Website.

2. Click on Add Air Time, this menu is located on the right of your screen.

3. Enter your card number, then when it asks for promo code, click to check and add additional code according to your card type. You can look at the list above for more reference.

4. If the code doesn’t work or has been expired, there will be a popup message letting you know. You can enter another code, but you only have 3 times to test.

A good tip is to cancel your process if the first two codes don’t work, and you can start again with another set of codes.

Best Tracfone Cell Phones To Get With Promo Codes

We have learnt how to use Tracfone promo code for additional air time, how about getting a phone? Which phone is the best one to get in addition to Tracfone discount and promo codes?

Well, it depends.

For Tracfone, they provide decent phones for their services, each phone comes with free minutes and tripple plan. One method to use your minutes longer is to text instead of calling people. Each minute is equivalent to 3 text messages.

How about phones? Tracfone has some good phones there, and I have rated them in good order for your choice.

1. LG840G

LG840G is the first choice in our mind. Beside regular features of Tracfone including free minutes and wifi connection, this phone also enables SD card and 3G connection.

Although it’s a touchscreen, which is not so comfortable with many people, this phone fits in your hand and pocket meaning you’ll use it easier.

How To Save More Minutes Using Tracfone

One of the most-asked question to use Tracfone is to get the best from your minutes. How? It’s a prepaid service, so you will have to purchase minutes first before texting or calling. Basically, you’ll have an exact minutes for your spending.

Here is our 4 great tips to save more minutes on Tracfone

  • Always USE a Tracfone promo code. Yes, it sounds obvious, but many people don’t use these codes. As you can see from our list, without these codes, you won’t get up to 60 additional minutes for your plan or even free shipping overnight. You can bookmark this website and return when you need to buy new cards, I’ll always update it with latest available codes on the market.
  • Get a phone which offers tripple minutes. There are a lot of new phones on Tracfones that come with Tripple minutes plan. For example, when you add 60 minutes to your balance, you’ll get 180 minutes. This is a great chance to save big on this prepaid service. However, you should choose carefully since it will cost you more in the long run.
  • Be aware of strange calls. If you get a call from 1800 numbers or strange call (from other countries), the best choice is to ignore all of them.
  • Use text instead. This is so far my most favorite way to use Tracfone. It won’t interupt me from working and costs much less (3 times lower) than the normal price. When you have to ask a little (like Do you come home over dinner), text will be a wise choice.

The Last Call

Well, you may hear enough of tips and tricks about Tracfone, the last thing I want you to bare in mind is ALWAYS using Tracfone Promo Codes for your purchase. It’s free and it can save more money. Bookmark this website and come back for more codes in the future.

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Tracfone is a great wireless phone service at an affordable price.

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