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On January 11, 2014
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Animoto is a web-based video creator using your photos and music songs to create stunning and professional video.

animoto-promo-code-wedding-slideshowAnimoto Promo Code is one of the best way to get discount from this amazing and popular online video maker.

However, these promo codes are hard to get. Another easier way to get Animoto at best price is to sign up for bulk order and get over 50% discount on your purchase.

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For example, Animoto has 2 different pricing category: Personal and Business.

  • If you choose to buy Animoto in bulk with Personal package, you can save up to $219 dollars and more than 50% of regular price.
  • For business package, you can also save $219 or more. Moreover, you can get 1 year subscription of Vimeo premium service for Free. Some people may argue that Youtube is much faster. However, when it comes to premium service, Vimeo is one of the best choice for you, especially for those who are running serious business online and offline.

Beside that, if you decide to make your subscription now, you can get free video templates and music tracks in the future. Currently, Animoto has more than 3000 tracks in their database, and these tracks are 100% legal.

As time goes by, Animoto will add more tracks and improve their videos by more templates. They’ll increase the price for sure, since they provide a lot more value to customer.

Just think about it, if you hire someone to make the same video for you, it will cost you hundreds of dollars. Animoto will help you create a good and professional video with lowest cost.

I am not advocate for Animoto, but up to now, this is the only software that I use to show how my company can help clients with their needs. About 30% of them become loyal clients, 10% increase comparing to before.

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The Best Tips To Save Money Buying Animoto Even Without Animoto Promo Code

When buying Animoto, there are 2 tricks that you SHOULD follow to get the best value.

First, Sign up for trial package. Despite this sounds a little bit normal, but using Animoto in trial version will give you a deeper look about what Animoto really does and how to use it.

Animoto, of course, can’t help you make something like Superman return or so. Its main functions is to turn Photos and Songs to make a professional video. Unlike other tools which requires you to choose animation effects for each photo, Animoto does everything automatically.


It will analyze both your photos and the chosen song, then choose the best way to combine them and let photos fly out based on the rhythm. In the end, you can show this video to your friends, family and clients. This is a more professional and creative ways to display photos.

Getting trial version will give you a clear understanding about Animoto. If you love this software, buy it after the trial has gone. If you don’t think it’s useful, you don’t have to pay anything. This to make sure that Animoto is the right tool you need.

Second, Buy Animoto depends on how long you are going to use it. If you want quick solution like a romantic video for Valentine and that’s all, buy monthly package and cancel when you are done. However, if you are in need of these videos in a regular basics, buy Annual package. Like I said, it will save you more than 50% in the long run, and you can even sell these videos for clients at high price.

Animoto – What It Really Does and Doesn’t

Some people may have a false expectation about Animoto, so I decided to give an overview of this company and what it really does for you. This will save your time and you will, at least, know more about what you are going to buy.

10 years ago, in 2003, a team of 3 member leaded by¬†Brad Jefferson wants to make something different for video making industry. They have been in this field for over 15 years, and they realized that making a video from photos is a painful experiences for those who don’t know to run a video maker software properly (I am one of them too).

They want to make an innovative software to help people like you and me can produce their own videos with ease. This is not an easy task, but they have made Animoto available to the public.

When I first tried Animoto, I thought of it as another complicated video maker software. Animoto proved that I am 100% wrong. Animoto has friendly interface, easy instructions about how to use it and it can also be in High Definition.

This success comes mainly from cinematography artificial intelligence developed by the team. It will look around your photos and songs, learn how the song goes and put photos in right order with right effect.

For example, when you choose a rock song with strong melody, photos will pop out faster and the effects will be stronger. This small example is just to show you how Animoto works with your photos.

If I keep saying this, you won’t believe me for sure. That’s why I highly recommend that you should take a full trial to see how it exactly works for you.

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Promo Codes For Animoto: Why Should You Save Money Buying Animoto?

I would tell you a truth. Animoto is worth more than the price you have to pay. Even without the promo code for Animoto, you can still save a lot comparing to other expensive video making softwares.

I have made a small research and found out that the average price for a video making software is around $60, which is 12x bigger than $5 of Animoto. It’s not to mention that you have to learn everything yourself to get these softwares to work for you like choose photos, set time (I always mess up with this part), decide animations for these photos, export file and upload to Youtube…

What a nightmare!

Animoto gives you all of these conveniences for the price from $5 per month. I have shown videos made from this software to my clients and families, and they are always excited like “Really cool. You are making it yourself, isn’t it” or “Great videos with professional effects”.

It’s not only me, but according to Wikipedia about Animoto, it has more than 4 million users worldwide with over 1 million videos generated each month. This is exactly what people are looking for.

If you are going to get Animoto, read my 2 tricks above carefully and enjoy your time with such a great software at an affordable price.

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Animoto is a web-based video creator using your photos and music songs to create stunning and professional video.

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